“If you are right, then there is no need to get angry..And if you are wrong, you have no right to even get angry.”-[Unknown]

Anger is a strong passion and the natural impulse that causes people to react and respond to certain situations in a certain abnormal way. It is a feeling that can make your mouth faster than your mind. It can ‘black out’ your consciousness and alter your sense of reasoning for you to act abnormally, only for you to return to your ‘ground state’ with utmost regrets. No wonder Paul admonishes us to get rid of all bitterness and anger[cf.Eph 4:31]

Becareful therefore when your heart begins to boil with rage and when anger begins to rise, and think of its consequences, for ANGER is one letter away from D-ANGER!



“Whatever you believe in, whatever you’re passionate about, whatever you’re trying to reach for, you must be willing and ready to fight for until you’ve attained it.”-(Michael Diabour Jnr)

We easily give up and fade off into the sunset with a spirit of defeat and depression as soon as things turn upside down and situations begin to look impossible, when times get tough and things don’t go our way . Conversely, those are the moments where we ought to chorus with the Psalmist who encouraged himself in the Lord always as paraphrased in (1 Sam 30:6 KJV). Sometimes we have to learn how to draw strength and encouragement from within because those we may count on to cheer us up may not always be there, as they may be preoccupied with their own challenges. Learn therefore to Create a New VISION OF VICTORY this year and fill your own heart with strength always! 

#its always possible#


The highest degree of insanity is for a sane man to embark on a journey without having any destination in mind.  Goals,  Passion and Focus are very vital and pivotal virtues en route to the gateway of success.  Having a clear direction where you are going is very relevant as it gives you that clarity and confidence in yourself to achieve something bigger and greater in your life. Where your treasure is, there your heart is; and where your focus is, there your energy flows. It’s hire time you focused on something positive, valuable and fulfilling and you would be surprised at how much you will feel better than ever!