“You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think”-(Christopher Robin)

The greatest and most powerful gift given by God to all since the inception of Creation is the brain (irrespective of the various shapes and sizes of everyone’s head.)God, who is no respector of persons (cf Rom 2:11) never denied some people of this great asset based on their race, sex, gender, age, family background or even financial power. He gratuitously gave it to each according to his ability, expecting us to trade and make use of it and not just bury it in the ground like the foolish and lazy servant described in the Good book (cf Mat 25:26)

How much you will be worth in life therefore is determined by the value you add to yourself, and how you make use of the brain to see, think and make things happen. And  that’s what Smart people do to outsmart others and gain a competitive advantage over others in life! 



“You are not the victim of the world but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determines your destiny. “-( Martin Berk)

Everything in life requires a choice. Our decisions are the open doors to our reality. Where we find ourselves today is as a result of the decisions we made some time ago. Life will only give you back what you have already given it. Like is likened to be a mirror, it only reflects the image that falls on it. Life is also just like a calculator, it only calculates and gives back the results of what you decided to key in. What you input therefore determines your output, and where you are likely to be tomorrow will be influenced by the decisions you decide to take TODAY!



“Hope always has a future. It leans forward with expectations and desires to plan for tomorrow. Lack of hope breeds indifference toward the future while hope brings motivation, and that opens us up to greater possibilities. “-(John C. Maxwell)

It is believed that a person can live 40 days without food, 4 days without water, 4 minutes without air, but only 4 seconds without air. One may ask why? It is simply because hope is powerful thing; in fact hope is everything. It is our greatest weapon we can use to battle our losses when they seem to be mounting. It is what keeps us going when the going gets tougher and harder. Hope is what gives us the reason to live. It would interest you to know that the rise in cases of depression, anxiety and suicide in all nooks and crannies boil down to the lack of hope and resulting energy in life. A man’s energy to cope with life and its challenges is directly proportional to his level of hope. Hope therefore is everything, and it surely makes all the difference in life. 

Embrace Hope Today!



“If you want to achieve Greatness, Stop asking for Permission”- (Unknown)

I begin to wonder if any opposition party in our country or any part of the world will ever commend the work of a reigning government to continue a particular feasible project they are about to, that would probably keep them in power for a countless number of years. Just like their name infers without any hyperbolic assumptions (OPPOSITION), they are bound to oppose the works/project whether good or bad. That is exactly how life is. Until we make the conscious efforts ourselves to make an attempt or take that bold step, no one will tell you to.

 Albert, the greatest thinker that ever lived in this transient world, was told by his German school teacher that he would, “never amount to anything much”. That was undoubtedly a weightier comment to limit an upcoming star, yet this man did not wait for his master’s permission but rose to become a great STAR on planet earth. He used criticism and opposition as a bridge and did not allow them to become barriers and barricades to his personal success. 

When it comes to improving our lives therefore, the only permission we need is from ourselves. Do not wait for anyone’s approval or permission before you decide to try in life; for the man who never tries does not usually make anything meaningful in life! 

#its always possible#


“A person can be talented, bright and educated, however, without strong willpower and self discipline, he/she will not accomplish much.”-(Unknown)

Burning desire is an attitude of the spirit that makes things look certain irrespective of how the current picture may look like. 

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is undoubtedly considered to be one of the greatest men of all times not only in Africa but the world as a whole. His Xhosa  tribal name Rolihlahla means a twig that bends but does not break. He was simply an unbreakable man; a man willing to spend 27 years of his life in prison to free his people. That showed his willpower and burning desire to achieve something worthwhile. 

Learning therefore to develop this attitude, one that ensures you continue to try again and again, continue to get up after any fall or failure, continue to stay focused and determined to see your dreams become reality is all that matters in the race of life! 

#its always possible#


“Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be! Before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”-(Bob Marley)

For too long, we’ve seen people through the eyes of judgment. We tend to judge them by their behavior while we judge ourselves by our intentions. My challenge is to start seeing people through the eyes of love. The open secret is the fact that people are the way they are for a reason. If we took time and had the chance to know their stories, we would be much tolerating and forgiving. If we were to understand the battles they may have fought, their inconspicuous scars, their unhealable wounds and their impalpable pain, we would probably behave differently towards them and end up showing a lot of care and affection. Before you decide to judge a man’s life or character, try and walk in his shoes; for it’s much easier to understand one’s outward demeanor when you understand their stories! 


Your Apple for Today- 20/4/16

The fact that someone is succeeding does not mean you are failing; and the fact that someone is failing does not necessarily mean you are succeeding. On many occasions, we try to compare ourselves to others and find solace in their shortcomings, downfalls and failures thinking we are okay and forgetting the vital things we could have focused on and done to better ourselves. We may be in the same race but we may never be on the same lane.

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