“I do not worry about the problem, I only worry about the solution. “-(Shaquille O’Neal)

Problems have always existed since time immemorial and will continue to be part of life. We were created by our Creator to provide solutions to the questions, challenges and problems of life. No one makes a lock without its key, and no matter how big the door may be, it is easily opened when you have the key.

This means so far as we have problems, there are solutions also available. We should therefore focus on finding solutions to the questions by facing each problem and not run away when we are faced with problems or enter in any. Running away from the problem only ends up increasing the distance between you and the solution! 


#YOUR APPLE 4 2DAY🍎#-(Patience is the key)

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but your attitude while waiting.”-(Joyce Meyer)

Patience has always been a virtue and it’s a key which solves many problems. It is not necessarily your ability to wait unto something, but the manner in which you act while you wait. 

Everything done extraordinarily hinges on the pivot of Patience. Life is lived one day at a time, these great novels and best-selling books are written one word at a time, buildings and even the scyscrappers are built by laying one brick at a time. The best things usually takes time and demands a lot of patience. It’s up to you to have that inner will and patience to put one foot in front of the other always no matter how long it takes!