“You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think”-(Christopher Robin)

The greatest and most powerful gift given by God to all since the inception of Creation is the brain (irrespective of the various shapes and sizes of everyone’s head.)God, who is no respector of persons (cf Rom 2:11) never denied some people of this great asset based on their race, sex, gender, age, family background or even financial power. He gratuitously gave it to each according to his ability, expecting us to trade and make use of it and not just bury it in the ground like the foolish and lazy servant described in the Good book (cf Mat 25:26)

How much you will be worth in life therefore is determined by the value you add to yourself, and how you make use of the brain to see, think and make things happen. And  that’s what Smart people do to outsmart others and gain a competitive advantage over others in life! 



“Character is a person’s personal submission to the discipline of adhering to principles that protect his talents and gifts.”-(Dr Myles Munroe) 

Every individual is born with a unique set of gifts and we gain additional skills, talents, expertise and experience as we use these gifts. However, no man is born with Character. We build and develop Character. 

A man deficient in character is never guaranteed to stay on top forever to enjoy his enviable feat no matter his talents and skills, no matter his position or possessions and no matter how high he goes as far as the ladder of success is concerned.  He is bound to pay that great price due to the deficiency in his character.

Character must therefore be intentionally valued, esteemed and developed because it can Make and Unmake us!