“You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think”-(Christopher Robin)

The greatest and most powerful gift given by God to all since the inception of Creation is the brain (irrespective of the various shapes and sizes of everyone’s head.)God, who is no respector of persons (cf Rom 2:11) never denied some people of this great asset based on their race, sex, gender, age, family background or even financial power. He gratuitously gave it to each according to his ability, expecting us to trade and make use of it and not just bury it in the ground like the foolish and lazy servant described in the Good book (cf Mat 25:26)

How much you will be worth in life therefore is determined by the value you add to yourself, and how you make use of the brain to see, think and make things happen. And  that’s what Smart people do to outsmart others and gain a competitive advantage over others in life! 



“When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greetings, the baby in her womb leaped for joy.”-(Luke 1:41)

There are certain positive, faith-filled people who help bring your dreams to life and your purpose to pass. When you surround and connect with the right people, sometimes just a smile, a simple greetings, words of encouragement and motivation can prove to be the spring board to provide the quantum leap needed in your life. Their presence just makes the all-important difference in life. 

Mixing with the right people and connecting with big dreamers in your life helps synchronize and energize the latent power and hidden potentials within you. Encircle yourself with the right people today!



“You are not the victim of the world but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determines your destiny. “-( Martin Berk)

Everything in life requires a choice. Our decisions are the open doors to our reality. Where we find ourselves today is as a result of the decisions we made some time ago. Life will only give you back what you have already given it. Like is likened to be a mirror, it only reflects the image that falls on it. Life is also just like a calculator, it only calculates and gives back the results of what you decided to key in. What you input therefore determines your output, and where you are likely to be tomorrow will be influenced by the decisions you decide to take TODAY!



“I do not worry about the problem, I only worry about the solution. “-(Shaquille O’Neal)

Problems have always existed since time immemorial and will continue to be part of life. We were created by our Creator to provide solutions to the questions, challenges and problems of life. No one makes a lock without its key, and no matter how big the door may be, it is easily opened when you have the key.

This means so far as we have problems, there are solutions also available. We should therefore focus on finding solutions to the questions by facing each problem and not run away when we are faced with problems or enter in any. Running away from the problem only ends up increasing the distance between you and the solution! 



“Until one becomes a mother, no one can tell you what it will feel like to love someone else so deeply and profoundly that you will rejoice when they rejoice, ache when they ache, feel what they feel even without ever speaking a word.”-(Jennifer Quinn) 

Mothers are so important, influential and fundamental to the life of every individual. They gave us life, held us, nurtured us, taught us and fought for us. Their love is stronger than every distance, gap and bridge you can ever imagine and there is absolutely nothing so powerful than their love.  They are the first friends we meet in life, our best friends and forever our friends. Everything we are today, our mothers helped us to become! 

#God bless our mothers as we celebrate them today#

#it’s always possible#


“It wasn’t only wickedness and scheming that made people unhappy, it was confusion and misunderstanding, above all it was the failure to grasp the simple truth that other people are as real as you are”-(Ian McEwan)

They say the biggest distance between people is misunderstanding. The Good Book says that, “Can two people walk together unless they be agreed to each other?”-(Cf Amos 3:3) This means disagreement and misunderstanding is what prevents people from walking together towards a particular purpose. It creates an infinite gap between people no matter their physical proximity, breaking the bridge that connects them, leaving them with loneliness and the spirit of frustration. Such an environment can never achieve any enviable feat. We all can work, but together we win and win better! 



“Let a person rejoice when he is confronted with obstacles, for it means that he has reached the end of some particular line of indifference, and is now called upon to summon up all his energy and intelligence in order to extricate himself and to find a better way. “-(James Allen)

A man will not be judged by the number of times he failed but by the number of times he succeeded. The number of times a man fails I dare say does not really count. It should only remind him to work harder, and that, that’s not the time to quit or stop trying but to try harder and better again.

Adversity is a real learning tool and an opportunity to learn from life’s difficulties. Do not let adversity bog you down, rather see it as a catalyst to skyrocket you into greater heights!