“Let a person rejoice when he is confronted with obstacles, for it means that he has reached the end of some particular line of indifference, and is now called upon to summon up all his energy and intelligence in order to extricate himself and to find a better way. “-(James Allen)

A man will not be judged by the number of times he failed but by the number of times he succeeded. The number of times a man fails I dare say does not really count. It should only remind him to work harder, and that, that’s not the time to quit or stop trying but to try harder and better again.

Adversity is a real learning tool and an opportunity to learn from life’s difficulties. Do not let adversity bog you down, rather see it as a catalyst to skyrocket you into greater heights!



“Hope always has a future. It leans forward with expectations and desires to plan for tomorrow. Lack of hope breeds indifference toward the future while hope brings motivation, and that opens us up to greater possibilities. “-(John C. Maxwell)

It is believed that a person can live 40 days without food, 4 days without water, 4 minutes without air, but only 4 seconds without air. One may ask why? It is simply because hope is powerful thing; in fact hope is everything. It is our greatest weapon we can use to battle our losses when they seem to be mounting. It is what keeps us going when the going gets tougher and harder. Hope is what gives us the reason to live. It would interest you to know that the rise in cases of depression, anxiety and suicide in all nooks and crannies boil down to the lack of hope and resulting energy in life. A man’s energy to cope with life and its challenges is directly proportional to his level of hope. Hope therefore is everything, and it surely makes all the difference in life. 

Embrace Hope Today!



“Do not live your life trying to be like anybody because you are in competition with nobody but yourself. Do not compare yourself to anybody even though you can learn from everyone. Your desire should not be to become superior to anybody else but superior to who you were 24 hours ago. “-(Michael Diabour Jnr)

Be ye not deceived. You can never be like everybody else and be an example. An example is always someone who is different from all others and live an exemplary life such that others copy from him and his good works. Be unique and do not live your life always comparing yourself to the people around you. Be somebody who knows he is somebody and does not need any body’s approval (but himself) to be anybody. 

You always have to take the personal responsibility to become who you are created to be. You are who you are, and you need not to necessarily be in line just because other people are. You are in the class of your own! 



“It was pride that changed angels into devils, it is humility that makes men as angels.”-(Saint Augustine)

Humility is the quality of having a modest view of one’s importance. Humility is the mother of all virtues and the recipe for success.  Solomon once said in his book of Proverbs that “No one is respected unless he is humble, arrogant people are on their way to ruin.”That actually underscores the essence of humility in everyone’s life.

However the need to be humble does not necessarily mean we should be timid and live a life devoid of self confidence and the belief in our inner man. It does not mean we should think less of ourselves but rather to think of ourselves less and more of orhers; for whoever we are and whatever we have is for the benefit of others! 



“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”-(Hellen Keller)

Vision is the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be, a thought formed by the imagination, a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial. 

Vision is everything. When there’s no vision, there’s no hope, and when there’s no hope, there’s no life. Solomon says in his book of Proverbs that “they have no vision, and when there’s no vision, the people perish.” (Cf Prov 29:18).This means a man without vision no matter his number of years on planet earth is not living but just existing, and that’s what makes him the most pathetic person(and not the one who may not be able to physically see)

Vision therefore is one of the greatest assets to possess. It gives us the goal to score because without having a goal, it is very difficult to score. However, it is not enough to have a vision without action. Vision without execution is delusion and a waste of time. Whenever you get the vision, you have to do something with it by translating it into reality; for VISION WITH ACTION is what can change a man’s world entirely! 



“If you want to achieve Greatness, Stop asking for Permission”- (Unknown)

I begin to wonder if any opposition party in our country or any part of the world will ever commend the work of a reigning government to continue a particular feasible project they are about to, that would probably keep them in power for a countless number of years. Just like their name infers without any hyperbolic assumptions (OPPOSITION), they are bound to oppose the works/project whether good or bad. That is exactly how life is. Until we make the conscious efforts ourselves to make an attempt or take that bold step, no one will tell you to.

 Albert, the greatest thinker that ever lived in this transient world, was told by his German school teacher that he would, “never amount to anything much”. That was undoubtedly a weightier comment to limit an upcoming star, yet this man did not wait for his master’s permission but rose to become a great STAR on planet earth. He used criticism and opposition as a bridge and did not allow them to become barriers and barricades to his personal success. 

When it comes to improving our lives therefore, the only permission we need is from ourselves. Do not wait for anyone’s approval or permission before you decide to try in life; for the man who never tries does not usually make anything meaningful in life! 

#its always possible#


“I learned that Courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. “-(Nelson Mandela)

Fear is a feeling induced by personal danger, a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger whether real or imagined. One thing about fear is that, many suffer more from it in imagination than in reality. It’s acronym is False Evidence Appearing Real. It is a powerful enemy of personal progress. We may all have experienced it in one way or the other since it comes in various shapes and sizes.

However, the most important thing worth knowing about fear is the fact that this spirit can only be overcome by finding ways to face it, one of which is not fearing to say NO TO FEAR! 

#its always possible#