“The harder i work, the luckier i get”. Greater results are mostly achieved when Preparation meets Opportunities. It is easy to equate people’s success with luck, though that is often not the case. Those that are seemingly lucky are those who have put in the hardwork to get their expected results when they had the opportunity. You may have opportunities presented to you in one way or the other but if you are not prepared to capitalize on them, you will surely make no difference!
#Itsalwayspossible #noluckjusthardwork#prepareforanyopportunity#


“Freedom is never freely given by the oppressor; it is fought for by the oppressed”. Every good coach devises new strategies to win every game. To win any battle, you always need to have the right strategy and resources because victories never come by accident; they come as a result of preparation and hardwork.
#Itsalwayspossible #rightpreparation #hardworkpays #fightforyourownfreedom#


“My concern is not whether God is on our side but my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right”. Have you ever wondered why in as much as you press a calabash into a pool of water, the calabash surfaces back on top? The only probable reason ascribed to it is because the nature of the calabash is such that it cannot stay under water. The pressures and toils of life may always try to bog and weigh us down in one way or the other, but they that know and believe in their God will never fail; for God never fails!
#itsalwayspossible # Godneverfails# Godisalwaysright #RightGodwiseGod#

YOUR APPLE 4 2DAY-22/4/16

“If you love life, don’t waste time; for time is what life is made up of”. Time is a very valuable asset. Whenever we waste time, we waste a part of our life which can never be regained or recovered back. This is therefore the reason why we ought to spend our time with people who will always make a difference in our lives. You either waste your time and waste your life or learn to master your time and be the master of your own life.
#Itsalwayspossible #wastenotime #masteryourtime #timeconscious#

YOUR APPLE 4 2DAY – 21/4/16

In the game of Cards, we have Kings, Queens and Jokers. In the game of life, there are few of the Kings and Queens but a multitude of Jokers. The lucky ones who are able to find these Kings and Queens, instead of keeping their Kings and protecting their Queens reshuffle their cards and end up picking Jokers. Learn to play your cards well!
#Itsalwayspossible #Playyourcardswisely #Protectyourvaluables#

Your Apple for Today- 20/4/16

The fact that someone is succeeding does not mean you are failing; and the fact that someone is failing does not necessarily mean you are succeeding. On many occasions, we try to compare ourselves to others and find solace in their shortcomings, downfalls and failures thinking we are okay and forgetting the vital things we could have focused on and done to better ourselves. We may be in the same race but we may never be on the same lane.

#itsalwayspossible #yourapplefortoday #sameracedifferentlanes