YOUR APPLE 4 2DAY – 21/4/16

In the game of Cards, we have Kings, Queens and Jokers. In the game of life, there are few of the Kings and Queens but a multitude of Jokers. The lucky ones who are able to find these Kings and Queens, instead of keeping their Kings and protecting their Queens reshuffle their cards and end up picking Jokers. Learn to play your cards well!
#Itsalwayspossible #Playyourcardswisely #Protectyourvaluables#

Your Apple for Today- 20/4/16

The fact that someone is succeeding does not mean you are failing; and the fact that someone is failing does not necessarily mean you are succeeding. On many occasions, we try to compare ourselves to others and find solace in their shortcomings, downfalls and failures thinking we are okay and forgetting the vital things we could have focused on and done to better ourselves. We may be in the same race but we may never be on the same lane.

#itsalwayspossible #yourapplefortoday #sameracedifferentlanes